Saturday, August 4, 2012

Welcome Sept 2012

Hey friends, old and new!
Welcome to a new school year (soon).  You can scroll through this blog and get an idea of what we are about.  We want to provide friendship through good wholesome activities.  We hope to meet you on Campus on the Welcome Days.  Pick up a brochure that tells you more about who we are! 

You can expect activities every weekend in September, at low or no cost.  If you are interested in being matched with a Canadian family to get together with them about once a month, pick up a bright yellow application for the International Friendship Program that we supervise.  Ask around and you'll probably meet an international student or two who has come to Christmas Camp - a highlight for many!  It'll be happening again this year Dec 21-24, registration beginning Nov. 1.

If you are a Christian or curious about Christianity,  there are small groups meeting at different times and places on campus throughout the week.

If we can help in any way in your adjustment to Saskatoon, please contact us.

We are also on Facebook:  InterVarsity International Students @ the U of S.  Join us!

Looking forward to meeting you soon,  Gerry & Shirley

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